Areas of evaluation

The Tennessee rated Report Card Evaluation for licensed child care agencies is based on 6 or 8 areas of quality. The number of areas depends on the type of child care setting:

Family and Group Child Care Homes

  1. Professional Development (the operator/owner’s training and education)
  2. Developmental learning
  3. Parent and family engagement
  4. Business management practices
  5. Program assessment (on-site observation)
  6. Child health and well-being


  1. The director’s qualifications (experience, education, and training)
  2. Professional Development (the education, training, certification and credentials of all staff supervising children)
  3. Developmental learning
  4. Parent and family engagement
  5. Ratios and group sizes
  6. Staff Compensation (the center’s pay and benefit plans for staff)
  7. Program assessment (on-site observation)
  8. Child health and well-being

*Please note agencies are not being cited until January 1, 2019.